Your processor needs a bodyguard.

Dover Microsystems’ CoreGuard® technology is the only solution for embedded systems that prevents the exploitation of software vulnerabilities and immunizes processors against entire classes of network-based attacks.

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Forget Everything You Know About Cybersecurity

On average, all complex software contains up to 50 bugs per 1,000 lines of code. So, it’s no surprise that nearly every cyberattack relies on exploiting a software vulnerability. Today’s cybersecurity solutions focus on building defensive software around networks and applications to protect our embedded systems. Rather than securing the system, this approach actually increases a system’s vulnerability by adding yet another layer of inherently flawed software. As a result, companies and individuals are left even more exposed.

Cybercrime costs organizations $2.9 million every minute
It takes 280 days to find & contain the average cyberattack
The average data breach costs a company $8.6 million

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Meet Coreguard

CoreGuard silicon IP provides separate, sentry logic that acts as a bodyguard to the host processor, monitoring every instruction executed to ensure it complies with a set of security, safety, and privacy rules. If an instruction violates an existing rule, CoreGuard stops it from executing before any damage can be done.

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Industrial IoT
Consumer IoT
Medical Devices
Aerospace & Defense


Immunizes against network-based attacks that prey on software vulnerabilities


Protects against the dangerous consequences of device misuse, misconfiguration, and malfunction


Ensures private data never gets into the wrong hands

The Foundation of IoT Trust

Integrating CoreGuard with processors in embedded systems provides unprecedented security, safety, and privacy. Read White Paper

In the fast-growing connected world of IoT and Edge Computing, NXP's mission is to provide comprehensive security against physical, logical, and network attacks. We recognized the innovation and revolutionary approach of CoreGuard in protecting devices against network-based attacks right at the processor level, perfectly complementing our suite of embedded security capabilities.
Joe Circello
Fellow and Chief Security Architect, NXP
Industrial industries are undergoing a rapid transformation. The evolution of sensor technology coupled with advancements in machine learning and analytic capabilities have created an unprecedented opportunity to optimize processes and improve profits. Ensuring those systems are protected from cybersecurity threats is a top priority – which is why I am thrilled to be on Dover’s advisory board as they will play an integral role in securing the Industrial IoT revolution.
Richard Soley
Founder and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium & Chairman and CEO of Object Mgt
My experience over several decades of research on cybersecurity has convinced me that a robust solution to the cybersecurity threat must involve a holistic design in which the hardware uses metadata to systemically enforce software-defined security policies. Dover Microsystems provides such a solution which makes it a unique and robust offering in today’s market.
Howie Shrobe
Associate Director and a Principal Research Scientist at CSAIL, MIT
Dover Microsystems provides a new and unique security solution previously unavailable to the RISC-V community. With CoreGuard as part of the DesignShare catalog, RISC-V users now have a secure computing solution available.
Shafy Eltoukhy
VP of Operations & Head of DesignShare, SiFive