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Engagement Model

We license our proprietary CoreGuard® silicon IP as hardware design files to companies designing SoCs and embedded processors. CoreGuard integrates as a sentry processor with existing ISAs and designs—on the same chip—to deliver unprecedented levels of security, safety, and privacy.

To start creating inherently secure embedded systems with CoreGuard, you can follow our simple four-stage engagement model to efficiently evaluate and license CoreGuard silicon IP.

1. Demo

Get a first look at how CoreGuard works.

Your CoreGuard demo will be led by one of our experienced team members. During a 30-minute demo, you will receive an introduction to CoreGuard and its architecture, take a deep dive into the CoreGuard SDK, and see examples of how CoreGuard blocks different cyberattacks.

2. Discover

Download our free CoreGuard SDK Lite.

CoreGuard SDK Lite provides users with a curated set of micropolicies and a subset of developer tools for evaluation purposes. Delivered as a virtual machine, SDK Lite comes with sample applications designed to demonstrate what the included micropolicies can do. Use the provided debugger to examine issues and troubleshoot micropolicy violations.

A paid evaluation of CoreGuard, which includes customized micropolicies and support, is available upon request.

3. Design

Design products that integrate CoreGuard silicon IP.

The Design license enables you to design the integration of CoreGuard silicon IP into an SoC or an embedded processor, or into a family of SoCs or embedded processors. We will provide you with the CoreGuard interface model, and software simulator source code. You’ll also receive all of the tools and APIs that you will need to integrate CoreGuard micropolicy tools into your development environment. We charge a fixed upfront license fee for a standard Design license.

4. Deploy

Manufacture and deploy processors with CoreGuard.

The Deploy license enables you to produce and sell SoCs or processors with integrated CoreGuard silicon IP. The Deploy license is issued for a standard manufacturing term, or in perpetuity, and can be based on a single embedded processor family, or across all families within a business unit, against payment of royalties according to established royalty rates.

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