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At Dover Microsystems, our mission is to immunize the world’s processors against all network-based attacks. CoreGuard®, our unique silicon IP with proprietary micropolicies, acts as a bodyguard to the host processor, monitoring every instruction executed to ensure it meets a set of security, safety, and privacy rules. With CoreGuard, a processor can actively stop entire classes of network-based attacks and prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

Dover’s CoreGuard silicon IP integrates with RISC architectures to protect against cyberattacks, flawed software, and safety violations. The technology originated as part of the DARPA CRASH program in 2010, was developed at Draper in 2015, and was spun out through Dover as a commercial entity in 2017. Learn more from our founding team below.


While Dover Microsystems may have been founded in 2017, the core components of our CoreGuard technology have been in development since 2010. In fact, Dover’s revolutionary CoreGuard technology started as a DARPA CRASH program proposal submitted by Dover’s Founder and CEO, Jothy Rosenberg, and Dover’s Chief Scientist, Greg Sullivan, during their time with a leading multinational defense and aerospace company.

The clean-slate computer architecture optimized for security that Rosenberg and Sullivan had envisioned was accepted into the DARPA CRASH program and, over the next five years, was turned into a reality.

With their research having wrapped up at DARPA, Rosenberg, Sullivan, and their small team were invited by Draper President, Kaigham J. Gabriel—former DARPA Deputy Director—to develop the technology at Draper. A true breakthrough came when, in February 2016, Dover’s founding team demonstrated a processor-based security FPGA proof-of-concept that was immune to the Heartbleed cyberattack.

This proof-of-concept—which evolved into Dover’s CoreGuard silicon IP—made it clear that this technology had broad commercial and defense potential.

June 2010

Founder & Executive Chairman Jothy Rosenberg and former Chief Scientist Greg Sullivan have their project accepted into the DARPA CRASH program.

June 2015

Rosenberg, Sullivan, and their team conclude their research as the largest performer in the DARPA CRASH program and join Draper to develop the technology further.

February 2016

Rosenberg and his team demonstrated the technology at Draper that would eventually become CoreGuard 1.0. The processor-based security FPGA proved immune to the Heartbleed flaw that affected two-thirds of the Internet.

March 2017

While developing at Draper, the founding team lands its first commercial customer, NXP Semiconductors.

April 2017

Rosenberg leaves Draper early to legally incorporate as Dover Microsystems, Inc. and commercialize the technology.

July 2017

Dover spins out of Draper with an exclusive license agreement and opens its doors with a founding team of nine.

Dover announces its flagship, silicon IP cybersecurity solution, called CoreGuard.

2017 - 2019

The Dover team commercializes CoreGuard 1.0. Working with commercial clients, the Dover team quickly concludes that the CoreGuard 1.0 is too large and too slow to make it commercially viable on a large scale.


The Dover team completely rewrites CoreGuard to break free from the initial design and open up the commercial market. The new design is 85% smaller and designed for the first time to operate at full processor speed to enable the first true real-time (instruction speed) solution.

Our Team

Collaborative. Driven. Creative.

Just three qualities that help define our high-performing and fast-growing team. Get to know the people who help make Dover a reality, today!

Jothy Rosenberg
Founder & Executive Chairman
Bryan Berthy
Steve Papa

Board of Directors

Jothy Rosenberg
Executive Chairman
Bryan Berthy
Ken Gabriel
Vivjan Myrto

Board of Advisors


While we’re a small, tight-knit group today, Dover is growing rapidly as we scale to meet our customers’ demands and push the frontiers of cybersecurity innovation. As we focus on growth, we also keep a keen eye on creating a work environment and culture that binds us together. That’s because, at Dover, we care about the person, not just the professional—and our attitudes toward work-life balance, benefits, and salary reflect that philosophy.

If you’re interested in working at Dover and believe in transparency, collaboration, and meritocracy, as well as bringing safety and security to our connected world, then we want to hear from you.

Current Openings

Interested in joining our team? Send your resume and cover letter to: careers@dovermicrosystems.com.


Dover Microsystems is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in the Greater Boston area. Our revolutionary technology and its development are happily backed by a creative and constructive group of supporters who share our passion for securing today’s embedded systems for a better tomorrow.

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The issue of cybersecurity has never been more pressing. From businesses to government, maintaining the security, safety, and privacy of our systems and data is critical. As IoT continues to grow and the world becomes increasingly connected, Dover Microsystems is primed to deliver a proven solution for protecting embedded systems and fending off even the most sophisticated network-based cyberattacks
Michael Wallace
Member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC), Leader of the NIAC’s Working Group on Cybersecurity
Without a doubt, Dover will revolutionize cybersecurity. As attackers become more sophisticated, defensibility of processors will become a fundamental requirement for every system.
Vivjan Myrto
Managing Partner, Hyperplane Venture Capital
The market for cybersecurity is crowded with vendors who approach the problem in the same way – with layers of inherently flawed software. Dover’s hardware-based approach is truly a novel advancement as it flips the conventional wisdom about security upside down and solves the problem in an entirely new way.
Rob Kornblum
Experienced business leader & investor, former Entrepreneur in Residence at GE Ventures